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Auguste Rodin, ( 1840 - 1917), Master Sculptor, created The Thinker in 1880. In describing his work he is quoted as saying about The Thinker "He is not a dreamer. He is a creator."

Hults Consultants adapted this image in 1993 as a symbol of the creativity of the Promotional Products Industry.

Helping to Create Consummate Professionals in the Promotional Product World.

Hults Consultants

Small business owners can thrive in the Promotional Products industry, but too often, they get buried actually running their businesses.

Let's do it a better way...together!

We specialize in leadership and strategic coaching, executive training,

general business management, extreme profit improvement and business diversification.


Work Shops

Professional Practices | Salesmanship

Prospecting | Business Management | Winning

Confidence Building | Guaranteeing Your Work

40% Gross Profit | Interviewing Techniques

Hiring & Training | and Many Others.

Sales | Sales Management | Profitability

Recruiting Hiring and Training Staff  | Prospecting Sales Compensation | Rainmakers Are Different Compensating Rainmakers | Product Knowledge Skills | Niche Market Prospecting | and over Twenty Five more articles.

provides expert advice
to owners of Promotional
Products Companies.

Our years of experience
uniquely qualifies us to
assist you in all areas
of your business
operations including
sales growth, sales
management, business
forecasting, bank
presentations, hiring
and training staff and
planning for transition.